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Intensive Coaching & Strategy for Business Owners & CEO's.
"I have strived to build a practice that supports and protects CEO's, owners and entrepreneurs during the most critical moments in their careers. Whether it is selling their business, acquiring another, unlocking new growth or coaching them, their partners and their teams with candor, empathy and integrity."
- Howard Mann
  • I work with only a handful of clients at a time.
  • I charge a flat monthly fee to enable constant interaction.
  • My approach is not for everyone. But it may be perfect for you. 

In my book, I wrote that it is "hard to read the label when you are stuck inside the bottle" - My clients hire me to help them smash the bottle completely. With 15 years experience running a multimillion dollar company and 12 more running Brickyard Partners, I provide in-the-trenches knowledge and perspective other coaches and advisors do not. And, also unlike most, I roll up my sleeves and fight alongside of you.

My work focuses mainly on CEO's, business owners and business partnerships that are not performing up to their expectations. It has become a cliche that people like us do not ask for help until it is too late.  The truth is that brave business owners ask for help because they have learned what I have - most businesses need not stall or fail. Passion can be reclaimed and you can have the business that empowers the life of your dreams.  But it takes candor, hard work and the willingness to grind through the uncertainty that goes along with change.


I offer business coaching—but with a fresh approach. The world of business doesn’t stick neatly to our weekly coaching calls. So I stay connected at all times, not just for the hour.

We business owners are a tricky bunch. We often need help curating the many ideas and responsibilities spinning in our minds all day... and night. BUT, we don’t need someone to come in and tell us how to run our business. Where is the coach who takes the time to understand the interpersonal issues that are causing hidden problems? Who will tell us that our marketing is not only boring, but doesn’t resonate with what our clients want? Who will help us make the changes we keep rationalizing away? Who will help us build the business that satisfies us professionally AND personally?

I treat business owners like the unique individuals they are. I understand that you can’t separate yourself from your professional role.

When I was running my business I desperately needed another me for distinct periods of time to increase the momentum and create action and lasting change. If I am delivering maximum value, then I am not shouting from the back of the theater. Instead, I am right next to you on the stage. The average business coach doesn’t step in during the in-between time, when your world, your inbox, and the endless distractions of modern life threaten to swallow you whole.  I believe executives and business owners need a different kind of coaching, a coach who will jump into the foxhole with them.


Many clients come to me initially for help strategizing what’s next for their business. And many of them are enduring times of great challenge and/or change. I work with them to provide perspective, insight and innovation that brings out the greatest potential in their business. Whether it is a better strategy to thrive in a digital world, unlocking their unique story, creating new products/services, raising capital, or readying the business for sale, having the right strategy and a determined plan to execute it can make all the difference between success and failure.

Working with you and, when appropriate, your executive team – I help support the changes and fight through blocks so the right kind of momentum can begin again, protecting you as an individual every step of the way. I make sure you learn and benefit from my experience. As your coach, I offer a fundamental difference because I’ve been to the dark places of business and I know the best ways out of them.  I am driven to make sure that you never have to go through what I went through.

Sometimes resilience needs a spark and a leg up.  That is what I offer every one of my clients.

If my approach has you nodding your head, take advantage of a complimentary and confidential call to tell me what you are dealing with and you will get a clear sense of how I work. Simply click here and say hello.

Here is what a few of my clients have said about working with me:

"If you don’t want to know the true answer, you better not ask Howard the question. In fact, if you don’t really want to fix it, you better not even ask Howard for help.

As a business owner/executive you don’t have the time to learn all of the lessons for yourself. That’s the hard way. Learning lessons through another person’s experience allows you to move through challenges faster with positive outcomes. Howard brings many of those lessons to the playing field and helps to sort through and tackle issues quickly with confidence and execute a smarter business strategy. 12 months after working with Howard we completed our best year since 2009."

Steve Sims, CEO, Brass Media

"Howard not only helped Enroute find our purpose, but he also worked with us to build a strategic plan to get us back on the right path at a time when we were too close to the company to decipher the best way forward. His proof of concept was realized when he rolled up his sleeves and closed business deals right alongside us. Howard truly helped our company propel forward and we’ll be forever grateful for his coaching, experience and effort. Our time with Howard was the single best investment we’ve ever made in the five year history of this company."

Meagan Zeman, Founder and COO, Enroute Systems Corp.

"Howard acted as my business partner when I didn't have one.  He helped with big picture visions and long term strategies. He listened to all my pain points and calmly and carefully walked me through possible solutions . I had an extremely difficult personnel issue, Howard was there and acted as a mediator and counselor.  It was one of the most stressful times in my life and I'm so glad Howard was there with a listening ear and helpful guidance. Heads of businesses need someone they can confide in and get sound advice from.  As they say, "It's lonely at the top" and that is all too true.  Don't struggle and try to go through hard times on your own."

Carrie Atkinson, Founder, Sock It To Me Inc.

"I’ve worked with Howard for a couple years now. What amazes me is his uncanny and unique ability to synthesize such clarity in strategic positioning and a clear way to execute it amid hundreds of ideas, employee issues, and so many other factors that distract or redirect me as CEO from the clear path that Howard immediately sees from his experience and a brilliant mind that doesn’t mince words. Straightforward and to the point to get you and your business to a happier, healthier place as quickly as possible."

Ryan Buchanan, CEO, eRoi Inc


Business Coach. Strategic Advisor.
How do you grow your business without it taking away your joy and passion? 

Prior to founding Brickyard Partners in 2001, Howard owned a premier international logistics company with over 150 in staff across six U.S. offices and a global network of over 40 agents worldwide.

As that business came under severe pressure from the previous economic downturn and industry consolidation, Howard lead the company out from those treacherous times by returning to the basics that make every business great and completing 6 acquisitions that re-imagined the business so it was highly attractive to buyers. Finding that “secret sauce” did not come easily but has fueled his purpose to help other business leaders to never have to go through what he endured.

Through real world experience and those hard times in the “trenches” of business he has learned that it is not following the latest fad, copying competitors or adding complexity that makes a business truly great. His pragmatic approach and knowing what it truly feels like to sit in the CEO/Owner chair is what makes his work so different and effective.

Howard works with a select group of entrepreneurs, CEO's and business owners. He engages deeply with a few businesses each year that are going through a period of great change, looking to be acquired the right way or raise strategic capital to fuel new growth. Whether through one on one coaching, highly focused workshops or public speaking he helps executive teams take aggressive action to unlock the true potential of their organizations and build remarkable businesses. In good times and bad. Online and off.

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Howard is a sought after speaker both in the U.S. and around the world. He writes frequently on his blog about the importance of the basics and reconnecting to the passion that too often gets lost as businesses mature.

GET Back to
The Basics

The Book: Your Business Brickyard
“To call Your Business Brickyard a "bible" would not be an exaggeration. Doesn't belong on your Kindle or bookshelf,
it belongs in your pocket for permanent
and immediate reference.”
-Tom Peters
Author of In Search of Excellence and The Little BIG Things

This small book contains the secret basics to unlock the true power and potential of your business. The basics. That’s what you lost when you went from feeling like making your mark to just keeping up and surviving.

It’s time to admit you’re not having fun anymore. And it’s ok to say it. Only then can you find your way back to the beginning—when your business was all promise and no misery. Only then can you build (and innovate on top of) the basics that will never let you down.

Howard Mann has collected twelve essentials to any business foundation. Mann shows you how to get back to basics, reconnect with your purpose, and grow your business, instead of getting stuck following the latest trend or "Me too" fad.

Most important of all, Your Business Brickyard provides a game plan for how to make your business fun to run again.

Download the Goaljumping worksheets mentioned in the book.

“Never has so much business wisdom been packed into so few pages. My advice is to slip a copy of Your Business Brickyard into your briefcase and carry it with you wherever you go — for those moments when business seems hopelessly complicated and confusing.”

Bo Burlingham, Editor-at-large of Inc. magazine and the author of Small Giants and Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies On top

“When you’re at an entrepreneurial roadblock, this is the book you need to reboot your thinking and get you back on the right road.”

Andy Sernovitz, Author, Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking

Your Business Brickyard is available as a hardcover or for your Kindle from Amazon.com
AND we are now able to offer the PDF version for FREE when you sign up for our newsletter (Just enter your email at the top of this page).

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Real World
Strategies and
Tactics that will
Improve your
Business Forever

Keynotes and Workshops
Do you want another motivational talk that will be
forgotten in a day? Or real world strategies and tactics
that will improve your business, forever?

Motivational because they are so practical, Howard’s talks have been described as a one on one mentoring session regardless of the size of the crowd. Howard uses his real-world experiences and stories, his passion for extraordinary businesses, and a healthy splash of humor to help organizations and their leaders get back to the basics, reconnect to their true purpose, and walk away with rock solid tools and strategies they can put to work that day.

Businesses are getting lost trying to play catch up and match their competition instead of unlocking what they do better than anyone else. One audience member at a time, Howard aims to change that by reconnecting them with the basics of business that are too often lost as businesses mature. Getting back to the basics brings confidence and control back to the business, regardless of competitors, trends and fads, or even a business’ speed of growth.

Core concepts include any or all of the topics covered in his book or larger themes about the power and benefits that are realized in marketing, sales, operations and profitability when you reconnect to your purpose and execute your basics with perfection.

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Keynote: Your Business Brickyard

Businesses that master their basics survive and thrive in good times and bad. Complexity is your enemy and you need to get rid of it NOW. Based on his book, Your Business Brickyard, Howard Mann takes you through basic business "practice drills" that will help you step back from the blur of the day-to-day. Sharing his real-world business ownership experiences, both good and bad, Howard helps you form a plan of action to reset your business foundations. You will learn how to grow your business by focusing on the day to day strategies that get results in the real world. Part workshop, part inspiration and all action, Your Business Brickyard presentations have been called the reset button for honest business people everywhere.

Workshop: Unlock Your Purpose

If you do not have a purpose you do not have a business. That strong premise is at the heart of this talk. A clear and driving purpose is that elusive "secret sauce" businesses and marketers crave but too few realize. Howard takes his audience through the steps needed to identify a true purpose, how it is far stronger than a tagline or mission statement, how it will energize your entire team and how it makes your business truly unique in the marketplace. It’s about the power of passion, focus and how every organization MUST communicate what it does better than anyone else in order to thrive.

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Audience Feedback:

"I just wanted to thank you for taking part in our recent Standard Bank event. The client feedback has been off the charts. Being one of the few that was lucky enough to watch you talk three times I can you that each time I walked away with more food for thought. You are both a great business strategist, and an awesome storyteller - this immediately stands you apart from most corporate speakers, who are generally one or the other. If the other business owners got half as much from your talk as I did then this gig was a bigger success than any of would have hoped."

Richard Mulholland, President, Missing Link

"We brought Howard in to take us back to the Brickyard and get us to make the basic decisions correctly in our business. It’s a tough act to follow the fame of our previous speakers. Howard did it with both class and his own inimitable style. Quiet spoken, with “big” presence and intense interest in both his topic and his audience, Howard won over every audience within the first few minutes."

Kim Winstanley, President, EventWorx Inc.

“I had the pleasure of seeing Howard address a group of seasoned executives. He reminded me of a great sports coach, someone who can take a talented player and break their game down to a few critical skills and through the right communication and interaction (emphasis on action) he helps them to reach beyond what they might have thought possible. He's approachable, well spoken and ultimately wants the best for every businessperson in the audience. His talk allowed attendees to head back to the office and, within a few hours, create dramatic changes in their businesses and lives by focusing on the basics.”

Christof Appel, Entrepreneur

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